NEK Food Share update:

While the new Faith in Action expanded NEK Food Share Program returns to Barton on Tuesday, July 1st, it has now identified its fourth Kingdom distribution site. During the last week in July on date yet to be determined, between the 29th and 31st, an 8,000 lb. plus distribution will take place in the greater Troy region. This Northwestern Kingdom site, coupled with the Gilman/Lunenburg Southeastern site, the “middle Kingdom” Barton site and the south central Kingdom site at the Lyndonville Armory, should round out coverage for most Kingdom residents.

According to FIA Director Rev. Cobb, ‘our initial goal was to add an extra 100,000 pounds of free food distribution to the 90 to 100 thousand pounds we already distribute to southern Kingdom residents from our Cabot Food Pantry and to do our best to take the food to outlying places in order to serve folks with limited or no transportation options. Fortunately in each location, new, local partnering organizations and volunteers have rallied to the cause of feeding families in need, for without them none of this would be possible. Thus far we have distributed 31,000 pounds of free food valued at $51,460.’

Continuing its 2014 NEK Food Share expansion, Faith in Action (FIA), in partnership with the Gilman Senior Center, NEKCA Head Start, Gilman Fire Department and others will distribute up to 8,000 pounds of free food on Monday, June 2, beginning with seniors and physically disabled at 11:30 to 12:30 with all others at need thereafter.

This is the third site to be selected in FIA’s 2014 effort in partnership with the Vt. Food Bank to add over 100,000 pounds of free food for low income NEK residents. The new outreach has two main goals, first to distribute food to underserved NEK areas and secondly to work with volunteers and programs to establish local food pantries where none presently exist.

Previous distribution sites have been at the Lyndonville Armory and in Barton where the local partnership with the Rescue Squad, Fire Department and others has already sparked movement toward establishment of a Barton pantry.

With this inauguration of food distribution for the rural southeastern corners of the Kingdom, FIA will be exploring needs and partner opportunities in the northwestern area and would welcome inquiries.

Anyone interested in helping to facilitate this program, for instance by providing truck transportation for the food from the Vermont Food Bank in Barre to various Kingdom distribution sites, or wishes to assist in any other way, is invited to contact us at the NEK office or the main office in Cabot.


The Lyndonville office of Faith in Action – Northern Communities Partnership serves the needs of our neighbors in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom. We bring together volunteers to care for their neighbors who may be isolated, living with chronic health conditions or disabilities, or having difficulty meeting their needs for transportation, socialization, adequate healthy food, winter heating, home repairs or other basic needs.

We are dedicated in our mission to help our rapidly increasing numbers of needy, elderly and disabled neighbors enjoy safe, healthy, active and independent lives in their own homes and communities. We do this by creating groups of local volunteers in each community led by a local volunteer coordinator to deliver a holistic mix of free, trust building, life enhancing services to their neighbors in need.

We extend thanks to the individuals and businesses of the Northeast Kingdom, such as Passumpsic Savings Bank and Community National Bank, who have partnered with us to help us sustain and grow the efforts of FIANCP in their communities. You can read the letters of support from the banks here.

Services and activities offered in our NEK office include:

  • Transportation:  rides to the doctor, grocery store, drug store, bank, post office or other essential places
  • Friendly Visits:  to check up on shut-ins or people who have been ill, either in person or by phone
  • Limited home repair done by volunteer handypersons
  • Lawn and garden work
  • Planting community gardens
  • Snow shoveling and wood stacking
  • Walking companions
  • Dog walking and pet care
  • Letter writing and reading to people who can no longer do it for themselves
  • Social networking activities
  • Drop-in center with games and crafting
  • Respite for caregivers
  • Referrals to other social agencies

Below are some examples of neighbors helping neighbors through our NEK office:

Please visit our office or contact us for information. We’re here to serve you – our neighbors in the Northeast Kingdom.