Vermont Foodbank ranks Faith in Action 2nd in the State  for total pounds of free food distributions, and 4th in number of people served each month.

Faith in Action Vermont food share programFaith in Action’s Food Share program, which includes the Northeast Kingdom’s “Taking the Food to Where the People and Needs Are” disbursed sites distributions, serves three counties which are Vermont’s poorest, most rural and with highest unemployment and neediest population.

Given its operational alacrity and focus on needs (function) as opposed to form, and based upon this year’s first 5 months food distribution results, we predict a 39% growth in distributed food to 465,000 pounds and the addition of 3 to 5 new NEK distribution sites.

Our “Food Share” program has developed into much more than a free food handout. It has become an exercise in community. Folks, who might never have worked together before, pitch in, shoulder to shoulder to help their neighbors in need. They unload truckloads of food, unpack and arrange or repackage it for distribution, then they help people “shop” and/or carry their food out to their vehicles while others select and carry food to needy area shut ins.

We distribute a three days or more food supply to between 185 and 215 families from our Cabot office during twice-monthly food share dates.

Faith in Action has worked out an expanded partnership with the Vermont Food Bank that enabled us to greatly increase our Northeast Kingdom free ‘Food Share’ distributions.

In addition to food, we gave away 5,500 packets of seeds at all our recent food distributions and other program activities.

In 2016, Faith in Action distributed a total of 519,819 lbs of free food in 4 Vermont Counties @ $1.67/lb. (Vermont Foodbank value) = $868,098.

For more detailed information, please see our 2016 Food Share Year End Report.


Faith in Action vermont food share program